An Experimental Success

May 23, 2015

As I’m sure you already know (because I’ve been posting about it all week) my newest film, Alone on a Tuesday is now available to watch on Vimeo.

This was my Final Major Project for my 2 year HND course at Truro College, and in my opinion, one of the better films I have made. In this film, I chose to explore the usage of lighting and camera angles, something that I never really paid much attention to in my past projects. All in all, I think this experiment proved to be successful. Even the smallest addition of light into some scenes really made the shots look further away from “video” and more like film, something I have been trying to do for a long time.

The sound effects and music were also a large help in making this film a better quality. These were produced by a good friend of mine, Rory Taylor, who also starred in the film. I have to say a big thanks to Rory for all the amazing work he did; I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I got blew me away (I literally spent a good 5 minutes wandering around my house with a big smile plastered on my face).

Whilst we’re on the topic of thanking people, I definitely need to thank my amazing girlfriend, Bryony. As well as doing the sound for the film, she was my producer, helping me at every stage of the filmmaking process and providing really helpful feedback on the story and the overall style of the film. And finally a big thanks to my roommate, Sam Turpin, for letting us use his room and throw all of his belongings out onto the landing, and for not being too mad when we ripped his curtains off the wall (by accident, of course)!

So then, what’s next? With no more university work to worry about, I have a lot more free time, so I intend to make as many films as I possibly can. I have a load of really talented and creative friends, and I plan on working with as many of them as possible to create some incredible short films. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re along for the ride!

Alone on a Tuesday is now available on Vimeo