Along the River

Jul 4, 2017

Recently I have had the pleasure in working alongside my good friend Daniel Philbrooks of Shirt and Tie Productions on a few projects with local Cornish band Blue River.

Our journey starts back in February of this year, when Dan approached me and asked if I would help him with his music video for the band’s single “Face Of God”. I came on board as the Director of Photography and a few months later we released the music video at a special premiere evening at Truro College.

This was an incredibly exciting shoot. Working with the band and the cast was an amazingly fun experience. We also got the opportunity to work with Justin Roseveare, who was responsible for the choreography and the artistic direction of the video. Being able to shoot at so many awesome locations with the band was also awesome, they are amazing people to be around.

So when Dan and the band asked if I’d like to accompany them to London to help film their gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, I jumped at the opportunity. What followed was one of the most fun experiences I have had in a while. It wasn’t the most glamorous of experiences. Getting a coach at 4am, wandering around London with barely any sleep, spending the night in a small and kind of worrying hostel and getting one of the worst smelling coaches in history back home to Cornwall. Not exactly the best material for a tour documentary! But despite all of this, spirits were high, the band played an awesome gig and we came away with an amazing documentary

You can watch the Face Of God” music video now on Facebook, and the “Cheap Champagne” documentary will be premiering at The Melting Pot Cafe in Redruth on 8th July at 7pm, with a live performance from Blue River and special guests Waxx.

Hope to see you there!